Promotional Products are FUN!

When thinking about ordering promotional products, think about when who what and why.

1. The turn around time is traditionally a bit longer than other standard print items so knowing when you must have in hand is very important even before knowing what you want to order. Depending on where you live, we may have a supplier that is better suited for your turn-time needs than another.

2. Knowing who you are giving your promotional products to is another consideration. You may want to have some pens or other affordable bulk items that would be available for anyone walking up to your table, and then you may want to have nicer gifts to offer those who would most likely use your services - they stop to talk to you at length and you can offer them a nicer gift with your logo on it before they leave your booth.

3. What makes you feel warm and fuzzy. On some levels it's about getting the newest and hottest and what everyone wants, and on another level it's what makes you happy to give away. Purchasing promotional products to hand out is very personal - you are giving away a gift with your name on it!

4. Why are you giving something away? Why would you go to the extra expense of something personalized rather than offering a bowl of candy or just some printed material? Because promotional products are fun! And because they stick around, even after your business card may have been lost or misplaced. For example: A Real Estate Agent signing a contract with a potential homeowner, wouldn't you love to have a beautiful engraved pen to hand them as a thank you? What about having less expensive pens that you can leave every time you sign your credit card receipt somewhere?

Promotional products are important, and fun and make great gifts for your clients and potential clients. When ordering from your Chattanooga Promotional distributor, they'll take your ideas and work with suppliers to offer best turnaround, pricing and service.